LAURA – Headshot Client


On a professional level I have worked with Emily D for almost two years. Within these two years we have grown to be friends and work colleagues. Emily is one of those people you just love being around; she’s smart, honest, funny and very talented. She makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed which I believe it a very important and essential trait to have as a photographer, not to mention her photos are beautiful and unique.

I recently completed my business portrait with her and couldn’t be happier as well as pleasantly surprised. I am NOT photogenic, seriously – you’ve probably heard that from people a million times but in my case it’s 90% true. I say 90% because Emily was able to capture that other 10% of myself that felt relaxed and comfortable in front of a camera. I was extremely nervous before the shoot but Emily’s presence and expertise allowed me to relax and achieve the desired outcome.

– Laura Wilson, Mommy Connections Director



CINDY – Family Portrait Client


Oh Emily.

We love the photos. Everyone loves the photos! You captured our family perfectly. I jokingly said ‘warts and all’ in our family blog, but truthfully I am so so happy with each picture. Each photo is artistic and framed beautifully to enhance us and our home.

Even though we take 60 snaps a day of our kids, you managed to truly capture each of the girls spirit and personality. Not something we could ever achieve with our iPhone!

– Cindy Abols, Mother of three



MOHINA – Family Photography Client


So lovely! I have gone through the slideshow a couple of times, and I’ve smiled every time and also noticed something different in the photos every time.

-Mohina Lal, Mother of two

Ps The kids also love The photos

Pps. Thanks for reminding me how cute my children and husband really are!



EMILY  – Business Photography Client



Emily D has been our (Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds) photographer of choice since the first time we worked with her. She is amazingly adept at getting the perfect moment captured, whether it’s a family portrait or real people enjoying a moment. We’ve used her services for both our website and press materials, as well as our own families special moments.

-Emily Pengelly  – Sprouts, an indoor playground/gym for children 0 – 7