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I’m a Mom of two kids and work for myself sitting around making photo books is not something I spend a lot of time on. But, it absolutely is something that I do lightening fast every year. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. I take most of my holiday photos on my iphone and I know enough to know that if you don’t print your photos in the season you take them they will print really poorly.
  2. GettingĀ a photo book in the mail makes my kids go bats*** crazy.
  3. Each year we go to the Maritimes to visit my family and I want them to be reminded of how happy they are visiting my family.

There are really so many reasons. What’s yours?

I’ve created an ebook that’s designed to help you quickly and easily make a book in under twenty minutes. It may not be perfect but it will certainly be done. Subscribe to my mailing list and receive your free book.

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