Our family photos

I’m excited to share a peek into my own family’s photos from this year. The photographer we worked with, Yan Palmer, is taking a step back from the mania of running her photography studio to pursue some writing projects. So, when she announced that she was coming to Toronto and wasn’t sure when she was coming back, I knew that I had to book.

To be honest, the timing wasn’t great. We had just redone our kitchen (so it was a tough time to invest financially), I was still carrying around the 10 pounds I had planned to lose and, against my better judgement, I had just given myself a DIY haircut. But, I knew better than to give that a second thought. I knew without question that Yan had this covered. It wasn’t my job to worry – it was my job to show up with a good attitude.

When I got the photos back I didn’t see the extra weight I put on, or that I didn’t have time to get my hair properly cut. I saw my adorable kids and husband. I saw images that show me as part of the story of my family, and accurately depict how I feel about my family.

I chose a photographer who I knew could – and would – tell my family’s story the way I wanted it to be told. She took the time to really really see us. She didn’t pose us and then click the shutter. She put us into position and then let us interact with one another. She kept the energy high and light.

When we look back on these photos, we’ll remember this season of life so fondly – my daughter’s gymnastics obsession, my son’s cheeky cheeky grin, Mike’s ‘dedication’ to our lawn (when Yan arrived he rushed into the back yard to quickly cut the grass!). It was 100% worth the investment – and, in fact, feels like a damn steal.

All to say: there’s never a perfect time – but you should do it anyways. 

So, to one of my favourite friends who hasn’t had her photos done in eight years because she isn’t at her perfect weight – book your damn session.

To the person who’s partner thinks photography sessions are awkward – book your damn session.

To the family that has a nice camera but hasn’t learned how to use it – sell it and book your damn session.

To the family who thinks their kids are too difficult for a photographer to handle – book your damn session.

To the family who thinks the spring will be a better time but has said that for the past x years – book your damn session.

To the parent who is always behind the camera versus in front of it – book your damn session.

To the parent who feels like they aren’t truly represented – book your damn session.

To the parent who keeps putting a session off because they need to talk to their partner – book the damn session.

I know, this list is a bit blunt. But, this past month I’ve heard all of these reasons. Photographs are powerful reminders and lovely snippets of what you want to remember. To make it as easy as possible for you to book your damn session, I’ve got a day of family mini sessions coming up – just in time for the holidays. Click here for more information or to book a (damn) spot.


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