School Photos


School photos have become a synonymous with awful backgrounds and forced smiles – but there is another way. I take real photos of children being themselves, with the goal of capturing their true spirit and personality.

I work quickly (3 minutes/child) and can photograph approximately 150 children in a full school day. In advance of picture day(s), I will come to your school to decide on the perfect location, and on the day-of, I’ll have an assistant with me to keep things running smoothly.

Each child will receive a small postcard when their photos are ready, with instructions for online viewing using a using a unique code. From there, parents can order and share images as they wish. All photo printing is handled by a third party who will ship images once ready.

There is no cost to the school for this package, which includes:

  • A class photo for each family
  • A half-day portrait session for the school – to capture whatever you like for your website or other promotional purposes

Contact me if you’re ready to book a session or if you’d like to discuss your school’s unique needs. You can also click here to read about my approach, here for FAQs, or here to read a little more about me.