Personal Branding Packages: Zehra Fitnest


 I get asked a lot how I can sell my creative outlet – and the truth is it hasn’t always been easy. But, in the last few years I’ve been great at photographing really inspiring people. My clients are good and kind and overflowing with love. During times when I’m slammed with professional work sometimes I take myself for a little photography date and choose a muse of sorts.

That is exactly what I did with Zehra. I stumbled upon Zehra on Instagram and knew I had to photograph her. So, I sent a creepy dm telling her how interesting I thought she was. She was so sweet and much to my delight accepted my invitation.

I’m really proud of how I photographed Zehra – this is a typical branding session I do with clients and and my goal is to articulate their humanity. Which wasn’t hard with Zehra since she basically has the face of an angel.

A little bit about Zehra – she teaches fitness classes, inspires a generation of women and runs an incredible lifestyle blog called Fitnest

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