Re-curing Clients: Firmwater

My favourite type of business clients are the ones who invite me back as they add to their teams or staff changes up. It’s so fun to see their businesses evolve and change. Firmwater is a company I visit each year and this year I walked into their office and had three large dogs barrelling towards me. It was most certainly a pretty exciting start to the session.

Firmwater specializes in helping training companies bring their content online. They are a small team made up of really nice people so I really like popping in. My goal as their photographer is to communicate that for them so their headshots are simple and the team photo this year was colourful and warm.

What do you think – I feel like staff team portraits need people to look familiar but not intimate (like a wedding photo) because that’s just weird. I think we really nailed it on the team portraits this year. I mean seriously what’s friendlier than a pack of dogs?


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